Target deals...

I don't often post many deals about Target because my Target is not a superstore (little/no grocery items) and it's difficult to get in and out of. I do make it in when something is worth my trip.

Although I won't be able to use these deals unless we visit Hubby's brother this week, I thought they were worth passing along.

There are some new Target coupons available on their website. You can find the link for coupons at the bottom of their page, or you can use my link here to take you right to the coupons.

One is for $1 off of 1 lb or more of grapes and they are on sale for $1 a lb = FREE grapes
I sometimes just remove what I want from a bag and re-bag them in the other available bags that stores usually have. I don't like to pay for the ones that have been squished in the bottom of the bag. Also, if you do this you can separate them into 1 lb bags each.

There are lots of things you can do with grapes!
Some ideas...
  • Use them in chicken salad
  • Use them in fruit salad
  • Dry them to make raisins
  • Freeze them for a wonderful healthy treat almost like bite size popsicles.
  • Roll them in powdered sugar for a fun snack
Any other ideas to share?

Another is for $2 off Sutton and Dodge Angus beef steak or roast. You can often find small steaks or roasts and use one of these coupons on each to make for really inexpensive beef.

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Stacey said...

Great ideas! Thank you. I will check Target out tomorrow!

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