Walgreens $5 off $20 coupon good today & Saturday!

Here's another one of those wonderful Walgreens coupons...
this time $5/$20

I'm glad to see Walgreens is doing this now.... I was really starting to miss the ones that CVS used to give out. Is Walgreens the new CVS? I've been finding myself there much more lately, how about you?

They actually have the coupon 2 places...
Here at coupons.com - Sorry about the length of the bar.. couldn't get it to resize>>>

with wording that states to be used after coupons and discounts, most stores will allow you to use this one after the Walgreens coupons and before the manuf. coupons, YMMV (your mileage may vary).

The other one is here and states to be used after all manuf. and Walgreens coupons and discounts.

The deals this week are great for this coupon! Gotta love the savings!

I haven't yet done the Revitalift for the rebate so will probably do something like this...
Revitalift $16.49
free eye/night cream this wk w/Revit. purchase $16.49 (don't know if this would count toward my $20)
St. Ives Elements $4.99
total= $21.48 (w/free crm taken out)
- $5 Walgreens coupon
-$2 L'Oreal coupon
-$2 L'Oreal coupon
-$4 RR
-$8 RR
=$.48+ 2 fillers to make coupons total items (I usually buy the Walgreens single tissue packs)
Get $5 RR, $16.49 Rebate

Benefiber $7.99 x 3= $23.97
Fusion Razor $8.99
Walgreens single tissue $.29
-$5 Walgreens coupon
-$15 (Walgreens ES $5 coupon)
- $6 (3 $2 Benefiber manf. coupons)
-$4 Fusion coupon
- $3 RR
=$.25 + tax
Get $8 RR, $4 RR
(on this deal I had to add the razor because your total has to be over $20 after your other Walgreens coupons to use the $5/$20)

St. Ives Elements $4.99
Alka Seltzer $4.99
Oral B Cross Action Toothbrush $4.99
= $14.97
+ $5.03 item of your choice... this will essentially be free
-$5 Walgreens coupon
-$8 RR
-$1 RR (from Kleenex earlier this week)
Total $6
Get 3 $5 RR

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