Walgreens next week... Diaper Deal starts 11/2

Extra, Extra.... Special deal on Walgreens diapers!!

Update on this deal...
some are reporting that the coupon is not scanning with the pullups. If you need pullups, you may find it to your advantage to buy diapers and then later exchange them for the pullups. They are the same price so there should be no hassle in doing so.

If you have a need for diapers or pullups this is the deal for you.

For starters, get your hands on one of those Walgreens Pharmacy Coupon booklets.
The front cover is red and says, $50 in Great Savings, a Thank You from Walgreens.
To get the pamphlet you have to go to the pharmacy and ask about their new pharmacy prescription savings program. Ask, and ask again at different pharmacy's if you're unsuccessful. I finally described the booklet and was given one. She tried to tell me you had to sign up for the program to get the coupon, I corrected her... the promotion states all you have to do is ask about their program to get savings.
This taken directly from their website...
  • $50 in coupons just for asking your pharmacist how much you can save
You can find the page here if you'd like to print it to take with you.

Once you have your hands on the pamphlet, don't cut out the coupons! I repeat... Don't cut out the coupons!

Walgreens doesn't require their coupons to balance out the drawer, they just throw them away. Just like when there is a coupon in the add I just hold out the add showing the coupons I want them to scan... saves me from cutting them all out, saves them from throwing them all away. Do the same thing with the coupons in the pamphlet. If they insist on taking the coupon there's not much you can do but give it to them, but most find it too much trouble to ask you to tear it out when they don't need it anyway.

So here are the details of the sale...

Walgreens brand jumbo size diapers will be on sale next week B1G1 free.
Regular prices is $8.99
Buy 2 for $8.99
use $2 coupon in pharmacy book.. the register will take $2 off of each package you buy
so -$4
You just paid $4.99 for 2 jumbo packs of diapers, or $2.50 a pack!!
(If you've got a W card you will get another $.90 return on your card... I've not discussed the W card yet, you can find details on it here. Basically you get 10% back on most Walgreens brand products for being a part of their savings program)

If you wait for the end of the week they often have $5/$20 coupons for Friday & Saturday, which would make for an even better deal. This doesn't happen every week, so don't count on it.
Buy 8 (because the $2 coupon is a Walgreens coupon it has to be used before the $5/$20)
$8.99x4= $35.96
-$16=$19.96... oops, you'll need the tiniest filler of $.04 minimum :)
If your filler is $.10 (I've been finding seed packets in the clearance section for this)
= $20.06- $5/$20 coupon
$15.06 for 8 jumbo packs of diapers.
($3.60 back on your W card if you have one)

If they are out of the size you need you have 2 options...
1) Buy a different size and exchange them at a later time... keep your receipt!
2) Get a raincheck on the price! The coupon is good through 12/08, so lots of time to find them in stock.

We have used the pullups here at my home and they work well. They seem to run a little smaller than the "brand name" products, so keep that in mind when you're shopping.

If you purchase these and don't like them as well as "name brand" diapers you could use them during the day and use the "name brand" at night. Still saves you lots of money!

If you're interested in one of the Walgreens Pharmacy coupon pamphlets, I have an extra that I will be giving away in a drawing tomorrow....
just decided to do it so good chance to win it!
You will be able to enter for the drawing here.
Good luck!

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