Halloween Clearance.... alternative ideas

We don't do "Halloween" so much in my household, but we did allow our little one to dress up as something "good" for his school. I don't decorate with ghosts and witches, but usually fall decorations. Even so, I still manage to find some things in the Halloween clearance for other things.

Be on the lookout for clearanced Halloween items. Everything from costumes and decorations, to candy and treats are being discounted.

I found at my local Kroger and Kmart, all of their Halloween merchandise was 50% off yesterday, while a friend of mine found Walgreens had theirs at 75% off.
"Halloween" things you can find on clearance with other uses:
  • Princess costumes are great gifts for little girls that like to play dress up and there's no better time to find them for next to nothing.
  • Super hero costumes costumes are great for boys as well
  • You can often find fall decorations mixed in with the Halloween ones. It depends on your tastes, but sometimes they have tablecloths, pumpkins, baskets and such.
  • Noisemakers... my girlfriend found some of these this year & thought they may make good Christmas gifts for some of the kids. They were meant to go along with costumes, but could be used just for make believe.
  • Candy... that's a given I know, but I often find that the outer wrappers are "Halloween" so they discount it, but the inner wrappers are normal so could be used for other things such as making little gift/goody bags for Christmas. Let your child help you and let them take some to their friends.

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