Amazon Leapfrog Read & Write Leappad Clearance!

This is a great buy if you're still shopping for Christmas!

Amazon Leapfrog Read & Write Leappad
Reg. price $34.99
Clearance price $12.99!

There is no way to get free shipping on this item,
but looks to be only about $6 to ship to my home.

Couldn't resist... had to show you this one too!

Reg. $ on the Dino is $299.99 & free shipping.
It is animatronic & 3 ft tall
How cute!


Jill said...

Come on! Think of that little face on Christmas morning! You know you want to :)

Suz said...

lol... I'm thinking about it. The leapfrog, not the dino :)

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