Walgreens 4 day sale...

Spend $25 on one transaction, get $5 RR!
now through Dec 6th

This seems to be confirmed to work if your total is $25 before Manufacturer coupons, as I've seen it mentioned in several places now. In other words, just make sure your total is $25 or more before your MFG coupons and you should get the RR.

Use the following items toward your $25 total to make for a really good buy!
Reach Ultra Clean toothbrush/floss freebie (Buy 2/$6, get $6 RR)

Colgate Total Toothpaste $2.99, get $2 RR

Dec Rebate Freebie - Bald Guyz Head Moisturizer or wipes $5.99

Scenario you purchase all three items above
$6 + $2.99 + $5.99= $14.98
find $10 more in merchandise that you want
$25-$13.99=$11.01 - $5 RR = $6.01 for $25 in products
Better if you have coupons for them


You can also use Walgreens coupons and still get the deals.

A great one for this, if you can find them in stock, is the Wali-tin Allergy Med in the new in store advertisement. The product sells and scans for $6.99 and the coupon in the ad itself makes them $.99 each. So... each one counts as $6.99 toward your $25 total but only costs you $.99 out of pocket. Clear as mud?!?!

Also in the new ad was Coke product 12 packs 3/$10. Two of my local stores had $1/2 peelies on them.

Another possible scenario with new info...
Buy 2 Wali-tins $6.99x2= $13.98
Buy 3 Coke 12 packs = $10
Buy Colgate Total $2.99
Total = $26.97 which qualifies for $5 RR
-$12 Wali-tin coupon (only need 1 coupon, automatically takes off for # purchased)
-$1 Coke coupon
=$13.97 - any previously earned RR you have except Colgate
get $5 RR & $2 RR


Buy 2 Reach Ultra Clean Toothbrushes or Floss
2/$6 get $6 RR
(if there are other items you want that bring your total to $25 to get you the $5 RR, go for it!)


Buy 8 Coke 12 packs = $26.64
Use 3 Coke coupons - $3
use $6 RR from previous order
= $17.64
Get $5 RR

Keep in mind that with RR deals you can only do one like deal per transaction to get the RR. If you buy 2 Reach UltraCln toothbrushes & 2 Reach UltraCln Flosses you will only get 1 $6 RR because they are part of the same promotion.

Also, if you do the deal once and decide to do it again, know that if you purchase your items with the RR you just aquired, make sure you are purchasing different promotions. If you try to purchase the Reach products again with the Reach RR you will not get another $6 RR.

Another update!!! This deal just keeps getting better!!

Seems you can roll these $5 RR.... meaning you can use one from a previous transaction on your next $25 order and get another one! At Walgreen's this doesn't happen anymore, but since this is a store sponsored coupon, they are allowing it... at least so far, they may pull that option if too many get in on it.

Have fun saving!

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