Shopping totals for Tues...

I started my weekly shopping on Tuesday


Here are my totals so far for the week...

Out of pocket $3.89 (rolled rebate $) *
$ saved $57.97
Will send in for $10 rebate!!

oop $17.23 **
$ saved $18.25

oop $23.80
$ saved $42.69

Totals so far for the week...
oop $44.92
$ saved $118.91
rebates $10

* When I get a rebate check back, I keep that money in an envelope to pay for the next rebate item(s) I purchase so those items don't take away from my grocery budget for the week.

** Several clearance items purchased that are not reflected on receipt, including 6 boxes of Special K protein bars for $1 each - $1/2 coupons that I had!

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