Savings this week....

I went to Walgreens and Meijer Thursday, my Tues. savings are here for CVS, Aldi & Aunt Millies Bread store.

Here are my totals...


Spent $5.26
Saved $47.01
Walgreens rebates $12.48

The Hershey Kisses & Turtles were part of the Valentine's clearance & I had coupons for them!!


Spent $29.71
Saved $49.11


My weekly totals...

Spent $46.12
Saved $131.27
Rebates $12.48

My weekly budget is $60.
I am carrying over the extra $13.88 & $12.84 (from last week) for next week.


I will soon be updating my yearly savings!

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goofymom said...

I've learned so much from your blog. Keep up with your good work!

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