Save money on lunches...

Brown bag it!!

I know it's not the most popular way to eat, but it can save you an absolute bundle!

Take into consideration how much it costs to eat lunch out every day. Is that what your currently do? An average cost for lunch would probably be $6. Take that times 5 days and you spent $30 in a week, $150 a month... Ouch!

Now... take your lunch with you 4 days a week and enjoy a meal out with your coworkers once a week. Cost $6 + cost of home lunches (say $2 each- estimating high). You spend $13 a week, just $52 a month for lunches and you will enjoy the ones out much more than if you go every day.

The difference... Almost $100 more a month in your pocket. Just think about what you could do with that!

My Hubby takes his lunch every day and doesn't mind a bit, & has actually grown to prefer it. I always cook enough for dinner the evening before to be sure he has some for lunch the next day. If we have people over and don't have any leftovers, I almost always have lunch meat & soup, or something frozen he can take along. He sees the guys coming back and eating burgers and he gets chicken and noodles! Tastes better, and better for you!


Amber said...

I wish my hubby would do this. He's just not into it. He buys frozen meals on sale for $1-2 each and eats those. We've tried the take it method several times, but it's just not his thing.

Michelle said...

Just had this conversation this morning- thank you for the reminder and the cost breakdown!

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