Yearly Budget to date...

Out of pocket $566.95
Saved $1856.32
Rebates $82.46 & a workout towel
overage (money left over from previous weekly budget of $60)... $56.30

To see my shopping pics and totals from Tues last week, go here.
You can see pics and totals for Thursday last week & my weekly total here!


Kacie said...

Well, I understand your nervousness about and giving out bank information. I wouldn't have tried it if it hadn't been recommended by my two friends that are personal accountants by trade. Here is the link to's privacy policy:

Looks like you have some fantastic savings ideas on here!

Laryssa @ Heaven In The Home said...

Suz, Thanks for saying hi at Heaven In The Home!

It would be very cool to use the natural dyes you suggested! Having all the different colored eggs together would look really great.

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