The Discover Card that really pays you back...

Get $50 Cash Back from Discover!

Update... there are coupons now for those with Discover cards!!
They are good on any item purchased with the Discover card. There are some exceptions, but great for those items you never find coupons for!

I've never mentioned a credit card before, not particularly fond of promoting them as many people don't know how to use them and get themselves into financial trouble when they have them.

I came across this deal, however and decided to pass the information on for those responsible with credit cards.. you know if you qualify.

This card pays you $50 Cashback when you spend $500 in the first 3 months of being a cardholder.

The card also gives you up to 5% Cashback in qualifying purchases.

See link above for more on image.

Might be a card to sign up for if you know you are going to be making a big purchase around $500 in the next few months anyway, like summer vacation.

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