Tuesday's shopping trip...

Shopping for bargains is fun and I love sharing my finds with you..
Hope you enjoy!

Here are my deals from Tuesday this week...

CVSSpent $0 ($2.37 on gift card)
Saved $21.88

WalgreensSpent $0 ($3.03 on gift card)
Saved $7.80

KrogerSpent $14.23
Saved $24.26


Totals so far for this week...

Spent $14.
Saved $

How have you done?

1 comment:

Kacie said...

Gotta love those Kroger markdowns!

You're right about chai here in the US being different. I didn't try the real thing until this Christmas and it's much stronger. I think chai is different between Africa and South Asia, though.

I love coffee too, and obviously I love trying fun international drinks.

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