Find Baby Names... or Make Name Tags...

I found a site, thanks to The Sabourin Family, that hosts an abundance of names and the ability to make name tags as well.

"What a Lovely Name" is the name of the site, and it's a lot of fun :)
Need to choose a baby name? Search through names by boy, girl, traditions, dispositions (might be a good thing for those who feel people are their names), celebrity names, or other worlds.

or... create a tag
You can also just do a search on a name to find out more about it's origin, or just to create a tag. If they don't have the name you're looking for, just submit a suggestion and you can then create a tag with your suggested name.

It's just fun! I made one with my name, just because ...

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A Frugal Friend said...

Love it!!!!!! It looks awesome - what a great redesign. :-)

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