News!!! I Have Some News.... :)

Just wanted to let you all know that I know I have been a bit absent from posting lately, not because I've not been trying to post, just simply lacking the time to do it.

I currently have 2 big projects in the works...
(aside from being mom, wife, homemaker, home accountant, home chef... I guess there's a name for it... Stay at Home Executive- something like that if you want to be politically correct about it. Let's just say I don't know how we managed the first year and a half with me working and the little guy at home-lots of things just didn't get done!)

Anyway... in the works are..
drum roll please......
  1. April at AprilShowers is redesigning the look here. Yes, soon we will be unveiling a whole new atmosphere I think you will all enjoy. We've been writing back and forth and tweeking the details to get it just right. I'm excited to show you all we've come up with.
  2. I'm working on a new website that is taking a lot of my time. You will all be privy to the address soon as I officially unveil where you can check it out. I have a few more details to work out to make it come to life, but I hope you will all join me in promoting it!
More details coming soon!
Hope you come back to see what's in store around here :)

I will likely be hosting a few giveaways shortly after the unveiling of the "new look"...
hope you join me to get in on the action.


A Frugal Friend said...

HeeHee - you are busy too! :-) I think I found your new site - great project. I am with you....I don't know how we ever got anything done when we worked. Seems like even now there is SO much left to do. Congrats!

Suz said...

thanks for the note! I'm excited to see everyone's reaction. I hope that people like the new look and that makes the site more memorable... I think it needs that right now :)

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