Alert: Get your newspapers today!!!

I know I don't often post on Sunday

you NEED to be aware of this if you are interested in using coupons to save money!

There are loads of coupons
in the newspaper today!

Collect from your friends, neighbors, family, anyone you can. Buy them if you can get them inexpensively.

I typically don't buy more than the two papers I have delivered every week. This week may differ as it's such a good week to get your hands on some great coupons and as school starts and my little guy heads off to preschool, I will begin replenishing my stockpile that I've used from this summer.

Later in the week, check your local recycling centers if they allow it. They often have extra inserts laying around and some will some will let you to look for them. Do be aware of the rules of your local centers before you take from them... Wouldn't benefit you if you had to pay a fine to collect coupons :)


Your Frugal Friend, Niki said...

Figures the week I decide not to go out and get the Sunday paper there are tons of coups! I am heading out to Heritages right now to see if they have any left.


Suz said...

Hope you got some!

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