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Many of you will who get the Sunday paper for coupons noticed the coupons for purchasing items with the Discover Card.

I venture to guess we will see more of these in the future as many people are trying to get rid of their credit card debts.

I came across this $50 promotion, possibly making it worth it to sign up for the card if you don't already have one...

Get up to $50 back when you use your new Discover Card.

Now... I'm not a big promoter of credit cards, in fact, I don't like them. But, if you're thinking of signing up for the card to use the coupons anyway... might as well get a bonus too!

Rather have continuing rewards?

They offer some cards with other benefits as well...
Miles by Discover Card Gives you travel miles for your purchases.

Discover Motiva Card Gives your interest back twice a year.
Discover Clear Card Gives 0% Intro APR, no annual fee
Discover More Card for Students Gives 5% back on many student based purchases

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