Christmas Money....

I came across a post today that got me wondering...
What do most of you all do with your Christmas cash???  

The Nifty Thrify Homemaker wrote "Ideas for Managing Christmas Cash"

She speaks about practical things to do with your extra "free" cash.  But, I wonder, how many of us are really practical with our Chrismas Cash?

Our story...
Hubby and I are in a different category when it comes to our Christmas $.  We got married young and while we carefully made ends meet, we didn't have much extra... so Christmas and gift money became our "fun money".  We could pool the money together and use it for a special purchase or keep it all to ourselves, whatever we mutually agree upon. 

Our Christmas money is also how we fund some of those "I want this" items, while the other doesn't quite understand the desire for it.

We have occasionally used some of that money towards extra special things during vacations that we would normally never splurge for.  Often times we use it on ourselves for a hobby... like the Make-the-Cut program for the Cricut you've recently heard me talk about.  By the way, I'm LoVinG It!!  You can read more about it here.

I have a tendency to hold onto my $$ until I find something I just really want.... always afraid I'm going to spend it on something and then find something I wish I'd kept it for.  Guess that's part of my frugality coming out ...  :)

If we were struggling, I'm sure we would put that money to good use toward bills and such, but we are currently blessed to be making ends meet.  It also helps that I am frugal and Hubby has learned that trait as well... he sometimes beyond me!  We are careful with what we have and spend... trying to make the most of what we have, researching big & small purchases, and becoming do-it-yourselfers... don't think that's a word!

So... What do you do with your Christmas/gift cash? 
Does it burn a whole in your pocket and you spend it as quick as you get it? 
Do you spend it wisely?  Do you save it?  

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