I'm Baacckkkk!

Time has gotten away from me and I've not posted much the last few weeks.  

Hubby was home from work most of that time and we spent a lot of time with family and friends leaving little time for much else... hence the not posting deals. 

This week will be getting back to normal with my hopes for getting the blog back in normal operating order as well :)

In addition to my "deals", I hope to begin posting free files you can use for cutting with the Cricut if you have SCAL or Make-the-Cut software.  If you know of a great place to get free files, let me know... I'm on the hunt.  I'm also thinking of trying to make a few of my own... first attempt was last night which I will share soon (after I figure out how).  Of the files I find I hope to use and share some of my results, others I will just share as I have time and find them.  

1 comment:

Noelle said...

Glad you had some nice family time and glad you're "back" now!
Happy New Year!

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