Still Loving My Swagbucks!!

Search & Win

If you haven't yet signed up for Swagbucks... I encourage you to do so! I am amazed at how easy it is to earn a some rewards for doing something I do all the time anyway... searching online.

Instead of going to Google for your searches, just use Swagbucks and you'll earn points, or "bucks" you can redeem for rewards.... like gift cards, magazines, etc.  I have always redeemed mine for Amazon $$  because I enjoy shopping there.

Just before Christmas some friends of ours introduced us to a new board game... 

We loved it and quickly wanted our own (if you haven't tried it, it's great!)  It was hard to find the game in town and when I did find it in a local store it was $45... ouch!!  That was at a temporary game/calendar store in the mall.

I did a search on Amazon and found it for $33.60 w/free shipping.... much better! I had $30 in free Amazon $$ saved up from Swagbucks and opted to use it for this purchase... making our new game a total of $3.60. Can't beat that for a $45 game!

Feel free to check out my Swagbuck widget at the bottom of the page... it will tell you how many "Swagbucks" I currently have, and has a link where you can sign up right on it. If you want to try it to see how it searches, simply type in your search in the search bar and give it a whirl.

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