Local Meijer Store... More People with Coupons

My weekly Meijer Trip....  
different today....

I went to the grocery today to make my weekly trip and hadn't paid much attention to those shopping around me the last few weeks because we were on vacation last week and I didn't want to take the time on the week before our vacation.  I noticed today more people with lists and coupons than I had in the past.  When I first started really using coupons, I felt awkward/weird because I was the only one with a big stash of coupons with me and I would rarely see someone with even an envelope of them.

Today there were two ladies hovering over the cookie dough area and I noticed they were sorting through their little coupon stash and trying to figure out the deals they could get.  I asked them if they were new to couponing and they said they were.  The new t.v. series on tlc "Extreme Couponing" had caught one of their daughters attention and she was encouraged about trying it too.  I told them it works and that I'd been doing it for years.  I saw them later in another aisle and they asked me some questions about an item they were looking at.

After my first conversation with the ladies, I realized there were many in the store with lists and a few more with envelopes.  I don't know if it's the new show or that people are trying to get through on the tough economic times or maybe a combo of the two, but it's certainly a change from the norm at my local Meijer store.  Or... maybe I just hadn't taken the time to take notice lately.

Anyone else noticed a change since the series first started? 

I hope companies take advantage of the new-found interest in coupons and ramp up the deals!  We could all benefit from the healthy competetion it could create.   Part of me is fearful though that if too many take advantage of the savings companies will pull some of their more valuable coupons...

So, please companies, take note... we love your coupons!  Keep printing them! 

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