Meijer... Coupons...

I was at Meijer today and picked up their "Healthy Living" booklet in the meat department 
like I often do and realized I don't recall ever mentioning the booklet here before.  

Their little healthy publication is a small quarter-size magazine that usually has a few recipes in it and often a coupon for a healthy product.  I usually flip through it to see what the coupon is before I bother taking one home because I often don't the time to read their articles, but if the coupon is something I will use it's worth the stop to check it out.

Other places to find coupons for Meijer...

mperks... eCoupons you can sign up for on their site.  Worth signing up for. (must have a cell phone to activate your account)

Meijer mealbox coupons... Print them when you find something you want because they don't keep them posted through their expiration dates.  Find them in the box on the right... click on "specials"

Always take a glance at the advertisement area when you walk into Meijer, sometimes they have a page of Meijer coupons waiting there for customers.  They will sometimes also have coupons hanging on shelves for general merchandise during certain promotions they have.  I haven't seen any by the front advertisements for awhile, but they could pop up at anytime.

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