Kroger deals through 11/12...

Kroger is one that gets away from me sometimes.
Although I make a stop there almost weekly, the cycle here being Thurs. to Weds.
makes it somehow a little difficult sometimes for me to get it posted.

This week there is a great promotion going on!!

10 item Mega Event
Buy any Combination of 10 participating items and get $5 off your order
(limit 3 deals per transaction or $15 off)

You can mix and match between all price ranges. Use coupons along with the sale to get the most for your money.


I haven't the time to post all of the deals today as there are just too many to list!!!

I found someone who seems to have it all together. Although her sale dates are different, it appears to be the same sale as mine in Indiana, just with different dates. You may find a few small differences, but looks very much like my ad.
You can find her post about this sale here at Stretching a Buck.

You will notice she talks of e-coupon, which are coupons you can load to your Kroger card. You can sign up for them at the Kroger website (link here to the place to sign up) and These coupons come off automatically when you use your card. You can use them along with paper coupons in the store. The Kroger site only allows 25 coupons on your card at any given time.
e-coupons do not double even if your store doubles manufacturer coupons.

I notice I have not done a Kroger how-to .... I'm on it!

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