Kroger through 11/19....

Just got the Kroger ad for the week and I'm on it this week!! 

They're doing the Buy 10 select items get $5 off of your order again, seems to be the same items as last week, so if you missed it you still have time.  I must confess I used all my good coupons for the deal earlier this week.

Getting ready for Turkey Day?

$ off any variety of fresh or frozen turkey
$9 off 12-17 lbs.
$15 off 18+ lbs.

There are also in-ad coupons for turkey as well...

If you spend $50 + a turkey get $5 off of your order.
If you spend $100 + a turkey, get $10 off of your order.

Did you know that you can use the coupon and get your balance down below $45?

Here's how...

Make sure you meet the purchase requirements for the $50 off.

Use the $5 off Kroger coupon first.

Then use any additional coupons that you may have for the order.

Your total could easily be less than fifty if you've gone through and purchased the best buys you could find for the week.

The key is to use the Kroger coupon prior to any other coupons that you have!

A good place to start at make the less than $50 grocery mark is with the Mega Sales Event going on again this week.  There are lots of good buys when you look through the ad.  You can find an entire list, including possible coupon combinations for it here at Stretching a Buck... Thanks Marcy!  Her other deals are different this week, but the Mega Event buys are the same.  

Be sure that you use the lowest price on a item (before calculating manufacturer coupons) to make sure you get to $50.  Clear as mud?

Other good buys this week at Kroger...

Tyson Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast $1.77 lb.
I'll be stocking up on this one!!! Don't often see it in my stores for less than $1.89 lb.

A little fact... did you know that the prepackaged frozen chicken is loaded with sodium!!!  It's so full of salt, yet we think since we're buying chicken we're feeding our family healthy foods.  Yuck!  Watch your labels!

Organic Apples $.87 lb  Gala, Fuji, Granny Smith (great w/carmel by the way) & Red Delicious
Did you see that ... organic for cheap!!  Cheaper than regular apples!! Wow!!
They're in season... that's why.  If you have a good cool place to store them, stock up!

Dozen Large Eggs $.99

Kroger Half Gallon Milk 4/$5 or $1.25 each  (you don't have to buy 4 to get the price)
6 pack of 7 Up or RC products Buy 2 get 3 free
= $8 for 5 or $1.60 each

Kroger Cheese Bars or Shreds 3/$5 or $1.67 each

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