New Blog Design....

I'm looking at changing my design,
after my own attempts have failed...

I'm seeking assistance!!!

Can U Help??

Yeah, me the tried and true do-it-herselfer!! I love doing this, but have found with trial-and-error that I need a little help to get this to look and feel like I really want it to. I'm usually the one that gets the book on virtually anything from the library and figures out how to do it myself, or how Hubby and I can get it done.

This job is one that I have failed to tackle well on my own. Part of it is probably that I don't have the right program, but the other is that I fail to be able to set up the columns and tags as I would like. I just don't understand the "language" so to speak. I've been told that I speak "coupon language" very well

Numerous people have links on their blogs, but it's so hard to sort through them all!!

If you have had experience with a good blog designer that you recommend that has a reasonable fee, or know how to do it yourself... please leave me a comment and let me know where to start!

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