Target Christmas 90% off...

I ventured into my local Target
and found a few good Christmas buys at 90% off,
thanks Jill for spiking my interest.

Most likely all of the Target stores have discounted to this and if you're wanting in on the fun, best get there quickly!

I found several really nice gift bags for $.02-$.30. Some Mini-boxes, like the kind you get at a Chinese restaurant for carry-out, only they were plaid red and green... not too Christmas like to be used any other time of the year for $.50 for a pack of 6.

They had several boxes of Choxie (Target brand) Chocolates from $.50+ . If you've never tried them, they are good chocolates.

There were several stockings and lots of tree skirts, a few boxes of Christmas lights and some Christmas bulbs left. Lots of gift bags, and a few boxes and Christmas cards, including some that hold pictures.
The specialty Christmas decorations in the card and candle area of the shop were being marked down to 75% off. Most of it still too pricey for me there.

I also found a some Rubbermaid 18 gal. containers marked $5.99, down from $8.99. Thet weren't red and green, just on sale.

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