New Cellfire Coupons!!

There are new eCoupons available on Cellfire today!!

If you've been here before, you probably know I like ecoupons. eCoupons are easy to use! You can sign up and forget about them and reap the bonus savings at checkout, or you can print a list of the coupons that you sign up for and know what your rewards will be at the register. It's whatever you make it!

eCoupons will also come off when you use a manufacturer coupon on the same product, which is an added bonus. It doesn't happen often, but does occasionally that you will able to benefit from 2 coupons at once.
If you've never heard of Cellfire & want to learn more, visit my previous post about Cellfire. To go right to Cellfire, just click on the Cellfire link in the left column to take you there. Enjoy your savings!
Here are some of the new coupons
currently available to sign up for on Cellfire.

Pillsbury Toaster Strudel Save $.50

Hamburger Helper Save $.50

Nature Valley Bars Save $.55

Chex Mix or Snack Save $.60

Banana Nut Cheerios Save $.75

Yoplait Save $.50

Yoplait Kids Save $.80

Ben & Jerry's Save $.75

These are just a few of the currently available coupons...
check them out for more!

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