I Caved!! : True Confession From the Frugal Girl Herself

I did it... I confess!
I couldn't wait until the "rock bottom" prices
came around on one of my favorite seasonal items.

Can you guess what it was?
or what I paid for it?


Peppermint Mocha flavored Coffeemate Creamer!

I stocked enough in the freezer last season to let me open one every other month this last year... until the beginning of August when I ran out.

Now ... I have to tell you it's difficult to find. I usually see it in the stores and then ... Poof! It like just vanishes!

Nestle if you read this... you really should offer this flavor all year!!
It would sell well I'm sure!

Monday I went to Kroger and it was on sale for $2. Now I wouldn't normally pay that... mind you, even thought it was "on sale". Luckily there was a blinkie coupon right next to it for $1/2! :)

I hesitated and decide to Splurge a little ... I hadn't had my fav. flavor for 2 months!! Making my own wasn't working for me and I wanted the real deal so I caved and bought the two to meet the coupon requirements.

I had my first cup that evening and it was worth every penny!

Sometimes even those of us with every frugal bone in their being just have to have something specific, so don't fret if you do it too! I probably do it more than I want to admit :)

And honestly.. don't tell anyone...
But I probably would have bought one if there wasn't a coupon next to them.


Connie said...

Now we know your weakness!!

Oh, that sounds soooo good. Hmmm, I might just have to do the same!

Thanks for sharing and being so honest!

Jill said...

Confession is good for the soul!
I bought milk at kroger when it was cheaper at Aldies!

Suz said...

Yes, it is a weakness of mine... love it! :)

Thanks Jill for confessing too... Makes me feel a little better.

A Frugal Friend said...

Oh, now I'm craving it! :-)

Noelle said...

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