Travel Toothbrushes

I don't know about you...
But I don't like to spend the money on "travel toothbrushes"

For one.. they're often more expensive than regular toothbrushes (especially if you're a coupon shopper).

Secondly.. I don't like to use a toothbrush for a few days and then store it for months and months, that just can't be healthy!

What I've started doing is taking the toothbrushes we happen to be using at the moment, put them in a baggy, or you can use a holder, and take them with us. I set new toothbrushes out before we leave and when we get home I throw away the ones we used on vacation and we get nice new ones when we get home.

Sometimes when we come home from vacation it's hard to think we have to go back to the daily grind, but the new toothbrush is a silly little thing that brightens the trip home... that and nice clean sheets waiting for a good nights sleep in my own bed!

Do you have any silly travel tips to share? Would you like to write a guest post about it? Let me know... I'd be happy to hear your ideas!


Larissa Smith said...

I have begun to set aside personal care items (deodorant, disposable razor, toothpaste, etc.) before it is actually all the way empty. I have a travel bag that I stash them in. Between that and some travel size bottles (airplane-approved size), I usually only have to add my hairbrush and makeup bag and all my toiletries are ready to go. No more dragging full bottles and tubes, and no more forgetting that one thing I had to leave in the bathroom until the last minute.

Suz said...

Good ideas! I might have to implement some of those too! I've saved almost empty bottles of saline for trips (hubby & I both wear contacts), but never thought about shampoo, etc... usually have samples of those, but have used them all up.

I leave some things in a travel bag too.. just seems I've always had to go through it before we go on the next trip being that most of the items were small sample size and only good for one weekend trips.

Thanks for all you're insight :)

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