Kmart Clearance: Summer & Pool Toys...

Lissa over at Saving Your Cents zipped me an email
about the good deals she got at Kmart recently.

She got $248 dollars in summer fun for $34.21!!
You can see her stash of goodies here.

I was in my Kmart last week and didn't notice summer toys on clearance, have to admit I wasn't really looking (but should have been with the "new to us" pool that we're getting-more about that soon), but they did have several carts out front as kind of a sidewalk sale- most of it still overpriced in my book. When I got in the store I found better deals... tank tops with scarves for $2, a summer outfit for my little guy $3, and they had a few toys marked way down they were offering 50% off of the discounted price on.

Like Lissa... I find that you have to scan everything that looks like it might be discounted at Kmart. Often times they are less than they are marked! Thanks Lissa for reminding us to be alert for seasonal deals!

I'll definately be back looking for the summer items :)

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Lissa said...

Thanks for the link up! Be sure to send me any great deals you stumble upon and I'll be sure to link back!


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